Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Bronx County, New York has become one of the most infected counties in America. Our low-income and under-insured neighbors are constantly neglected and are struggling more than ever to receive testing and treatment. We will not sit back and wait for the resources we need while our community is infected at alarming and disproportionate rates.

We deserve access to high quality and equitable resources. 

That is what the Bronx Rising Initiative is fighting for!


Empowering Our Youth!

We want to see more students from The Bronx earn their college degree, having less debt when they graduate, and make the world a better place!


The Brandon Hendricks Scholarship is a $5,000 scholarship award for high school seniors from The Bronx that have recently been admitted into college. We believe that this investment and interest during this critical time in a student's academic journey will help our youth to focus on their education and value their college experience.

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Our Goal

“At a time when we are faced with a crisis of this magnitude, it is clear that our community needs help. Local clinics and hospitals are not equipped to address this pandemic. This is the reason why I started BRI, it is a call to action that leads to a tangible outcome. This is only the beginning, we are working to secure more financial resources for other hospitals and clinics in the coming weeks.”


recent accomplishments


$1,130,000 for

Saint Barnabas Hopspital



Tomas Ramos met with leaders from St. Barnabas Hospital (SBH) to discuss how the facility could increase its ICU bed capacity. During the meeting, SBH laid out a plan that would more than double the department’s 26 beds, which would increase the Bronx’s overall ICU bed supply by 13% at a time when the borough’s residents need it most.



$1,714,000 for


On March 20th, Ramos presented Bronx Care leadership with a check for $1,714,000 to propel their ICU expansion in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. The funds will also allow the hospital to assign over a dozen full-time nurses and specialists to this new space. In addition to the check, BRI worked to get 10,000 N95 medical-grade breathing masks to help protect BCHS employees from exposure to the virus.



$100,000 for

Morris Heights

Health Center



On Friday, March 13th, Tomas and the BRI team met with administrative leaders from the Morris Heights Health Center to present their organization with a check for $100,000. These funds are being provided so their organization can increase efforts to combat COVID-19.



$100,000 for

Urban Health Plan

Tomas Ramos spoke with Paloma Hernandez, the President and CEO of Urban Health Plan, and presented her organization with a check for $100,000 to combat the COVID-19 outbreak locally. BRI also donated a few hundred N-95 medical-grade breathing masks to help protect Urban Health Plan’s employees from exposure to the virus.



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