Oyate Group's Rising Initiatives were launched to alleviate food insecurity across New York City for senior citizens and families who are struggling, either due to COVID-19 or other circumstances. Access to quality meals is a form of racial justice. 


Bronx Rising Initiative secured over $100,000 for efforts that have included partnering with multiple 501(c)(3)s and Bronx-based businesses that are working on the front lines to end hunger in The Bronx.


We also work with these partners to secure funding to distribute and deliver food across the Bronx and Upper Manhattan or provide gift cards to local supermarkets through Bronx Rising Initiative and Uptown Rising Initiative.


Our work is ongoing, and we are interested in working with nonprofits that will be able to increase capacity with the received financial contributions and expand food relief services for every New Yorker that is in need through the most efficient and effective means possible.

Supporting our
community organizations
on the frontlines!

“Our team has worked with various nonprofits in different capacities over the years; we know the hardships they deal with each day, and we know they are undoubtedly going through the most trying of times during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their funding continues to be cut, and now more than ever, they need our help to stay operational. Oyate Group was founded to help uplift and support the community, and that means supporting the organizations that help and uplift us every day.”

- Tomas Ramos, Founder of Oyate Group

Our Projects:

Children's Arts & Science Workshops

$ 30,000

Dominican Bar Association

$ 10,000

Graham Windham

$ 20,000

Freedom Youth Family Justice Center

$ 40,000

last updated: 7/13/2020