Cyrille Njikeng


Managing Director

Cyrille Njikeng works as a Managing Director at the Oyate Group’s Bronx Rising Initiative. He
has a passion for community engagement and hopes to continue positively engaging youth and
inspiring the Bronx community through filmmaking.

Cyrille is the founder of the nonprofit organization My Sister Cares Foundation, with which he
travels to orphanages throughout Africa donating computers, toys, school supplies, and clothes
to children in need in memory of his late sister, Sheila. He has also worked as a Director of
Photography on several film project such as the web series “Boughetto” (2014); directed the
documentary “The Water I Shall Give Them” (2013) and “The Rebirth” (2018); produced the
award-winning short film, “Miles the Movie” (2019); and acted in the second season of the
Netflix series “Master of None” (2017). 


Cyrille emigrated to the United States from Cameroon in 2007. He holds an Art in Communications and Media Arts associate degree from Westchester Community College where he enrolled as an adult learner. His journey continued through CUNY Lehman College, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Art in Multimedia and TV Studies and went on to serve as the executive director of the CUNY University Student Senate. He currently holds a master’s degree in Film from the City College of New York and is actively pursuing a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership.

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Cyrille Njikeng