The Bronx Rising Initiative aims to address the healthcare disparities and lack of access to care that negatively affect the Bronx community.

To support the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the initiative secured over $3M in funding for Bronx-based medical organizations, such as Morris Heights Health Center, Urban Health Plan​, St. Barnabas​ Hospital, and BronxCare Health System, to acquire supplies, provide adequate staffing, purchase tents, and transition their facilities' existing spaces into intensive care units for those that are critically ill with COVID-19. BRI also launched a vaccination initiative, financially supporting clinics in the community, vaccinating seniors in NYCHA housing and fighting disinformation


A look at our vaccine initiative and those we have served





Bronx Rising Initiative Secured $100,000, and 10,000 N95 masks for Urban Health Plan to Fight COVID-19





St. Barnabas Hospital’s leadership with a check for $1,130,000, allowing the facility to more than double its intensive care unit capacity. Provided 10,000 n95 medical grade masks.




BronxCare will increase surge capacity by developing space for an additional 52 beds; provide over a month of nursing coverage; meet the PPE expenses for the next 6 months; and fund patient overflow tent rentals for the next 4 months.

Morris Heights

Health Center



BRI presented Morris Heights Health Center with a check for $100,000 so their organization can increase efforts to combat COVID-19.

Taking action to

save lives!

“Since the moment we launched, saving people’s lives has been our number one priority. We have heard from doctors, hospital administrators, and families that the $3 million and 20,000 N95 masks that the Bronx Rising Initiative was able to secure for St. Barnabas and Bronx Care Health Systems have made a significant impact on their ability to provide quality care during these difficult times. We are immensely proud of that fact, and we are determined to do more. This is the worst public health crisis in our history, and it is hitting our Bronx community harder than most places in the world. Now more than ever, our community needs help. Our federal government is not doing enough for us, so BRI will continue to secure resources that help support the organizations that are working on the front lines.

We will get through this together!”


- Tomas Ramos, Founder of the Bronx Rising Initiative