BRONX TIMES: Bronx Rising Initiative Creates Mobile COVID-19 Vaccination Unit At Bronx NYCHA Centers

Articles & Photos By Jason Cohen

A mobile COVID-19 vaccination unit will be visiting NYCHA centers throughout the Bronx to vaccinate over 15,000 senior residents in only eight weeks.

The goal of the initiative is to reach seniors in their communities rather than having them travel far distances to clinics and hospitals to receive the vaccine.

Launching on Jan. 25, the plan is being carried out by the Bronx Rising Initiative in partnership with Morris Heights Health Center. The Bronx Rising Initiative has secured over $2.3 million in funding, enabling MHHC to secure necessary vaccinations, even as the state faces a shortage.

The mobile unit kicked off the vaccinations at the Bronx River Community Center, in Soundview. They will distribute 120 vaccine doses each day and more than 2,400 vaccines next week alone at various NYCHA community centers across the Bronx.