Bronx Rising Initiative Secures $1.7 Million for BronxCare Health System

BronxCare will increase surge capacity by developing space for an additional 52 beds; provide over a month of nursing coverage; meet the PPE expenses for the next 6 months; and fund patient overflow tent rentals for the next 4 months.

Bronx Rising Initiative Founder Tomas Ramos 

Presents $1.7 Million for Bronx Care Health System

to Increase ICU Bed Capacity as COVID-19 Spreads

April 2, 2020

Ramos presented Bronx Care Health System’s leadership with a check for $1,714,000, allowing the facility to more than double its intensive care unit capacity

Provided 10,000 n95 medical grade masks for hospital employees and patients

With the addition of these ICU beds, Bronx Rising Initiative has been able to increase the Bronx’s overall ICU bed capacity by 32% since the COVID-19 outbreak

Bronx, NY:  The Bronx based organizer, activist, and candidate for Congress (NY-15) Tomas Ramos spoke with leaders from Bronx Care early last week to discuss how their facility could rapidly increase their intensive care unit (ICU) bed capacity. Bronx Care Health System (BCHS) laid out a plan that would more than double the facility’s number of intensive care unit beds in a matter of days if they could acquire the necessary funds soon enough. In a matter of days, Bronx Rising Initiative worked to identify private companies and donors to secure the vital funding that BCHS needed to be able to accommodate more patients as soon as possible. 

On March 20th, Ramos presented Bronx Care leadership with a check for $1,714,000 to propel their ICU expansion in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. The funds will also allow the hospital to assign over a dozen full-time nurses and specialists to this new space. In addition to the check, BRI worked to get 10,000 N95 medical-grade breathing masks to help protect BCHS employees from exposure to the virus.

“Our organization certainly appreciates the support during these time. Thank you for helping us keep our front line staff safe,” said Hiram Torres, Vice President for Operations Bronx Care Health System.

“At a time when we are facing an unprecedented type of global pandemic, we cannot allow a hospital that treats so many to become inundated and put Bronx residents at further risk,” said Tomas Ramos.

With the addition of these ICU beds, Bronx Rising Initiative has been able to increase the Bronx’s overall ICU bed supply by 32% since the outbreak of COVID-19, a time when the borough’s vulnerable residents need it most. BRI works to identify private companies and donors that can contribute resources, both financial and in-kind, to special projects and organizations in the Bronx. Phase one of the Bronx Rising Initiative was launched as a call-to-action for Bronx hospitals, medical workers, and patients during this coronavirus pandemic. In less than a month Bronx Rising Initiative has secured over $3 million dollars and over 20,000 n95 masks cumulatively for various medical facilities in The Bronx.